Om Namah Shiva 2

Tomorrow is Mahashivratri. I will get up early in the morning, take bath and go to the temple. I wear nice dress. After doing pooja, I will fast for the whole day.

I fast for a good husband. I do not eat anything, nor do I drink water. Tomorrow is Thursday too. So it’s Sai Baba’s day too. When I go to the temple, I see lots of rush. I decorate the Thali with Rice, Kumkum, Supari, Tulsi, Sweet (Ladoo), Diya, Agarbathi.

I also fill water in a Pot and apply Ganesha on it. I also take along with me fresh milk. First we do pooja and then we pour fresh milk on Lord Shiva and later put water.

I see lots of rush in the temple on this special occasion. Also you get to hear this Mantra, “OM NAMAH SHIVAā€¯. I feel that the person whom I have to get married is somewhere near me and will soon come in front one day. Tomorrow I will pray for this dream to come true.