End of Terror Part 1 12

I am planning to make a movie
(End of terror). I am making this movie with my friends. So therefore I thought
of sharing the script with you all and then make the actual move. My friends are
happy. The reason is by doing this we might get the star cast online itself.


The movie is like a miracle,
where these five friends together finish the word terror from this world and
make this world the best place. Everytime whenever the terror strikes, these
five friends are always safe. They are today’s Pandavas. The school kids are
kidnapped. It’s the same school, where Nisha used to teach. Nisha wants to get
into the mission of saving her kids.

 Scene 1

Group of friends which include
four boys and one girl.


All five are best of friends. As
I have described earlier, today’s Pandavas.


The girl is strong. She is
sitting quietly on a table listening to her friends. They are shouting at her.


Aditya:- How could you do
it Nisha?


Nisha:- Just the same as
you guys did during your Kargil war against Pakistan?


Aditya:- My field is that
of army, Mishal is an airforce officer, Rahul and Abhimanyu are again in army
and you are a Professor. Please understand Nisha, just stop thinking of saving
the kids. We are there to save them.


Nisha:- Do not forget
that I was their teacher? I know them well. I want to be a part of this mission.


Abhimanyu:- You have
known those kids, its good but…


Nisha:- What do you mean
by saying that? Forget them. I have spent five years with them. Army people like
you guys are just thinking but cannot do anything. But I want immediate actions.
You all will take actions when those terrorists will kill those kids, who are
innocent. I have seen them closer. I have seen them crying, I have seen them
when they were happy. I can do anything. I can die for them.


Mishal:- Well, we can
understand your feelings for them Nisha, but this does not mean that you….(Nisha
stops Mishal).


Nisha:- I am ready to die
for them under any cost and condition, but I will save their lives and save them
from terrorist attack.


Rahul:- I think Nisha is
right. Those kids are more precious. They were going for a picnic and on the way
those terrorists have kidnapped them. We must take Nisha also in this mission.

(Nisha looks towards Rahul).


Aditya:- Rahul, yeah
somewhat you are right. But Nisha, how you save those children?


Nisha:- Leave that to me.
I want to prove it, that I am something on this earth.

 They all start preparing for the plan of saving the kids.
(Next will be Scene 2)