During the Exam 6

Avoid panic It’s natural to feel nervous. Avoid this nervousness and do not panic.

Have all necessary material with you Borrowing items like pens, rubber, pencils, ruler is not allowed. So carry everything with you.

Read the entire paper. Go through the Question paper and select your choice questions.

Plan your time. Spend some time drafting a plan for the questions you choose to answer. Decide how much time to allot to each question.

Jot down ideas as they come to you. While answering the question, if you remember some answer all of a sudden, then write it down somewhere.

Don’t leave any questions unanswered. If you are short of time, use note form. Remember, you can only be marked on the answers you give.

Never leave the room early. Never leave the room early. Check the answer papers as many times you can.

Never omit an entire question. No matter you have choice or something, never omit an entire question. Answer all possible questions.

Your mind’s gone blank. If you can’t remember anything, then please sit back and close your eyes. Think about your answer. Close your eyes, and go back to what you hadstudied. Try to remember what you had studied and how. Calm your self and remember. . Try to relax and, when you”re ready, read the question again or move onto the next one. Remember, it’s better to write something down than nothing at all!