Cartoon Network 4

This is a nice channel. I like digimon, pokemon in this channel. Tom and Jerry is my favorite cartoon network.

I like digimon because this cartoon shows unity amongst children. This unity helps them in fighting against the evil world. DigiMon means digital monster. To enter the digital world you need to spell out some magical word DIGIXR which is the password to enter the digital world. I found this cartoon very interesting. The songs and music of this cartoon was really nice.

Pokemon is again my favorite cartoon. It is similar to Digimon. Pokemon also shows unity amongst friends. If any league, then the main boy leads the league in a nice manner, where he thinks and plays. This boy’s motto is never to loose. So he thinks and plays every step. If he is at loosing point, then he discusses the matter with his friends and plays accordingly.

Tom and Jerry is anyways nice. No matter what are you doing, your eyes tend to fall on this serial. Right since my childhood I have watched this cartoon.