Using Keyboard Shortcuts 2


Word offers anumber of keystrokes any key combinations to move the insertion point swiftly through the document. beside Left arrow to move left one character Right arrow to move right one character Up arrow to move up one line , and Down arrow to move down one line you can use the following keystrokes and combinations:

Keystroke action

Ctrl + Right arrow one word to the right
Ctrl + Left arrow one word to the left
Ctrl + Up arrow To the beginning of the current paragraph or( if the insertion point is at the beginning of a
paragraph} to the beginning of the pervious paragraph
Ctrl + DOwn arrow To beginning of the next paragraph
End To the end of teh current Line
Ctrl + end To the end of the document
Home To the start of the current Line
Ctrl + Home To the start of the document
Page Up Up one screen’s worth of text
Page Down Down one screen’s worth of text
Ctrl + page Up To the first character on the current Screen
Ctrl + page Down TO the last character on the current screen