What blogging exactly means 4

many of us were unaware of the fact what exactly a blog means.i joined blogging around a year ago and that time i was not even sure of the word meaning of it.
i looking into dictionaries ,websites to find it out. finally i came to know that its a kind of internet diary which is publisized to internet users.its not a personal diary though.the word blogging originated from word WEB LOG which is further shortened to blog.
but whatever the name is, it’s the greatest revolution in internet for past few years. now every other person has their own blog in different sites and looking at this boom there are many a sites which promoted themselves by paying people to blog and www. eblog.in has done every justice to it.
i like this site because of its simple graphics and easy to use. this site is highly user compatible compared to any other sites and i hope its going to do remarkable progress in near future in the field of blogging.wish all the newcomes here and blogger ..a very happy blogging time