raj’s cheap political gimmick 4

the recent issue in mumbai ,maharashtra is something worse that could happen in our country.where our contry is striving for united india concept the otherside somepeople like raj thakre is making oppsing to it by trying to flee the non resident mumbities specially from bihar and Up for cheap political publicity.
his current move is completly unethical and illogical according to me.
he is trying to divide india into more parts and develop hatred among fellow indians.i accept that all the metros are flooded with laborers from UP and bihar but mr raj thakre tell me how many local mumbai people can do the thing what the poor people can do.
with all due respect to the marathi community i appeal that not to support this move .. mumbaities are the people who are known for there emotions and integrity i hope they wont let these thing to carry on for long.