bye bye feb 29 5

another leap year is passing by .. happy birthday to everyone there who are born on this day .hope you all are celebrating with great enthusiasm as you have waited for this day for 4 long year and have to wait another 4 years for next 4.
its so funny and special to be born on this this month is coming to an end i wish i willl make more new friends here in the month of march.its been almost 2 months that i joined eblogs and i enjoyed everybit of it so i guess you all too. i recieved a money onrder of rs 80 /-the other day for the month of jan but its not just 80 bucks but also 8 odd people i came to know through it and more than that it gave us a platform to share out view and thoughts.
so bubye feb 20 2008 will wait for you till 2012.