a bizzare tour to aussieland 4

sledging is always been a part of cricket ever since it started ..but i do not know how its been termed as a gentleman’s game. anyways there are many misnomers in english dictionary so this is one more feather to the crown.
the current tour is full of controversies and very well crossed all the limits of spirit of game..the ever teasing australians are partly successful in breaking the concentration of determined indians.they knew the only way to let down these budding talents is to make them do anything but show their gaming skills.
right from sloppy umpiring,racial haul,indecent hogg ,ponting remarks,harbhajan idiotic reaction. ishants immature gesture,dhonis comment out of frustration,haydens meaningless comments on air,yuvrajs courtship everything looks was out of place.
hope the spirit of game prevails in these chaps and will save the glory of cricket and hope the series ends with some good cricket and sweetnotes.