The Proboscis female monkey is attracted by Proboscis male monkey’s nose which is approximately 4 inches long. Proboscis monkey is a rare specie of monkey found only in Mangrove Forests of Borneo-Malaysia & also in Sumatra.In Malaysia Proboscis Monkey are called as MONYET BELANDA meaning ” DUTCHMAN MONKEY ”

The Proboscis monkey has a characteristic pendulous nose , a typically pot belly & they produce strange honking sounds.Within the Proboscis monkey species the male and female are distinguished by the size of the body and the nose. The male is bigger than the female and the nose is more pointed. Females do not have this characteristic. Female and the young proboscis monkey have shorter nose which is turned up at the end. The male’s big nose is a secondary sex characteristic: the bigger the nose is, the sexier the monkey is.The nose also helps in radiating heat from the body.

Proboscis Monkey are prominently vegetarian ,they are excellent swimmers are good in leaping from one tree to another.A single male Proboscis monkey lives with several female monkeys & reproduction is not seasonal it is throughout the year.