According to Hindu Mythology we can do two things with wealth.
1) Give Charity ie Daan.
2) Spend on one’s own self & family members ie Bhog.
If we do not spend money on our selves or we do not give charity to poor ,the wealth gets automatically destroyed ie Vinaash. The importance of Charity is also mentioned in Quran Shariff.Therefore every Muslim is asked to give Zakat which is 10% of the wealth owned by him. To explain the importance of Charity from health point of view I am first elucidating on the planets & zodic signs.

As we all know there are 12 planets. However according to Hindu Vedic Astrology only 9 planets are given importance ie Uranus , Neptune, Pluto are not Considered.

The nine planets are :-
Moon – moon is a setelite but it is considered a Graha
Rahu- not a planet but considered as a Graha in Hindu Vedic astrology
Ketu- same as above
Except for Rahu & Ketu the rest of the 7 Graha’s govern the 12 Signs(Rashi) of the Zodiac Sign


Aries Mars ( Mangal)
Taurus Venus ( Shukar)
Gemini Mercury ( Budh)
Cancer Moon
Leo Sun
Virgo Mercury
Libra Venus
Scorpio Mars
Sagitarius Jupiter (Brahaspati)
Capricorn Saturn ( Shani)
Aquarius Saturn
Pisces Jupiter

The 7 Grahas also govern the 7 days of a week.


Sunday ………. Sun
Monday ………. Moon
Tuesday ……….Mars
Wednesday…… Mercury
Thursday ……….. Jupiter
Friday …………… Venus
Saturday…………. Saturn

Each of the 9 planets owns a metal, gem & colour.


Sun ……. Gold , Ruby & Red
Moon ….. Silver , Pearl & White
Mars…… Copper, Coarl & Red
Mercury…. Bronze, Emrald & Green
Jupiter….. Gold , Yellow Sapphire & Yellow
Venus….. Silver , Diamond & White
Saturn…. Iron , Blue Sapphire & Black
Rahu…… mixed metal , Gomedh & Black
Ketu……. ——— , Cat eye & Brown

These Graha’s not only influence the career, financial , social & family aspects of an individual but also the health of an individual.Each Graha influences some parts of body for example Sun affects Heart , Stomach , Liver etc . Moon influences human Brain. Therefore depending upon the placement of Planets in an individuals Horoscope & the transition of Planets in the space the health of an individual gets affected. The individual can reduce or avoid the ill effects of planets by 3 ways .

1) By reciting mantras of the planet which is afflicted.

2) By wearing stones on the body of the associated planet.

3) By giving charity .

For Instance a person with heart problem can reduce his sufferings by feeding Jaggery to cows . When Sun is weak the person generally suffers from heart problems. Therefore to reduce the sufferings one should distribute food items which are yellow , orange or redish in colour. The quantiy of Jaggery depends upon the severity of problem.Similarly individuals facing brain problem should distribute Bataasha among the poor.
In India Dr. S S Golaji has treated lakhs of people by asking them to give appropriate Charity to the needy .He is only Astrologer in India who has combined Astrology , Ayurveda & Charity together to treat people.