Sixth Pay Commission ———– A Farce ? 3

Hello Readers,

You all must be aware that the Sixth pay commission had submitted its report on 24 Mar 08. All Tv channels has given wide publicity saying that its a dream package for govt employes. Papers used titles like” Foujion ki mouj” etc. But when things started unfolding it became evident that we are fooled.

The Civil services has taken the lead leaving behind all other govt services. The Armd Forces and the Police services has represented to the central govt and it was forced to set up a committe to look in to the anamolies with in 2 months.

The introduction of continous running pay band may be good for people who are stagnated but bad for the people who has got good carrier profile, as the pay difference when is get promoted is hardly anything.

At an inflation of 7% + and the basic necessities going twice its price in just 2 yrs an 20-25% hike in salaries for next 10 years, does it justify?