law in india 4

Is law in india more helpful then the us law?
Are we better than the european countries ?
This are some of the doubts or the questions we carry in our mind and use to in our daily life.We come across people who break the law in daily lifes and are use to it.They even don’t feel
guilty of the wrong which they do in their in daily life as the law is good and is hard to the wrong doer,Law maker has made the law as to be help the people and the society to follow it but here law is misued and is not followed by the people and that is the reason the society is not functioning properly and the image of law is getting spoiled due the same.Corruption is their in every where due to which their hould be end to it and should be avoided by each individual as to safe guard our laws and make it as like the foreign laws.The difference between our laws and foreign laws is that the people follow the law where as we people here break the law.One person breaks it others start it and follow the same manner without thinking what will be the impact of it on the society.