Upcoming Technologies 2

WiMax: Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. In the rapidly-evolving sphere of wireless technology, WiMax is the next generation in wireless access to the internet with speeds that are equivalent to cable or DSL Connections. While Wi-Fi focused on providing wireless LAN and internet access, WiMax is geared to deliver broadband access over a range of 10 to 50 km at speeds varying from 10 to 70 mbps. There are two main types of WiMax: Fixed WiMax and Mobile WiMax. Similar to cellular networks, the WiMax service is provided through a base station; in the case of Mobile WiMax, you will be able to continuously access the internet on the move, and you would get automatic handover when you cross from the range of one base station to another. In India, we may expect to see WiMax availability as early as in this year 2008.

Mobile Broadband Wireless Access (MBWA):

A technology standard still under discussion, being developed under the aegis of the IEEE 802.20 standards group. It is expected that MBWA would have range of 120 to 150 km.

Cloud Computing:

The term used to describe a kind of service where you can rent processor cycles and use them according to your needs. For Example, if you wanted to do a complex maths problem that could only be comfortably handled by a powerful processor, cloud computing would enable the user to gain access to server resources that could be used to complete the job. The user thus need not invest in equipment for tasks that may be more effectively rented out.