Ugadi Subhakankshalu 2

Hi all, according to the Hindu Lunar calendar, today is the Happy New Year for the Telugu people. In Andhra Pradesh, We call the New Year as Ugadi. So, I wish all my friends and eblogs team Ugadi Subhakankshalu (Subhakankshalu is the Telugu word and it is Best wishes).

On this day business community open shops, in a hope that their business would be fruitful for the whole year. Other profession people do the same like businessman. People wake up early on this day and then decorate the doors with festoons of mango (toranam in Telugu) and fresh flowers. We all wear new dresses also on this day.

People make the Ugadi Pachchadi (it is a prasadam), the ingredients of this pachadi are sweet (sugarcane pieces), bitter (Neem flowers), salty (salt), spicy (green chilly), sour or vagaru in Telugu (Mango) type items will be mixed up together. The reason for mixing so many items was to say that one will face all these taste like experiences in life and need to face such kind situations bravely.

………..> Ugadi Pachchadi Ingredients…..

Other menus for the day are bobbatlu, pulihora, payasam, garelu, etc. I had a good day with my family & friends and I wish you all again a Happy Ugadi.

Enjoy the picture below: