U Me Aur Hum movie Preview 1

The movie U Me Aur Hum is going to hit the screens with the leading pair Ajay Devgan and Kajol. They together acted in the movie Pyar Tho Hona Hi Tha a love story, long ago before their marriage. This movie is the third movie of Ajay devgan which is releasing this year and is a romantic story, which starts on a cruise. The story looks similar to the Hollywood movie Titanic. Kajol’s role as Pia, who is a member on cruise, serves drink for a mischievous man (Ajay Devgan) who falls in love with her and proposes her. Initially she rejects the proposal, as showed in most of the Indian movies and finally falls in love with him. Now starts the happy marriage life of the two, but no marriages can be complete without problems. They have to face some hurdles in their marriage life and finally set an example.

Coming to the music Devgan didn’t choose the normal route, by simply picking the hot music director. He gave Vishal Bhardwaj to compose the music who is known for his creativity, with his appealing offbeat music. The film is straight from the heart and they are many reasons for the film to get positive response. Generally people now-a-days have became cynical than before and they tend to have a negative outlook towards things like love, relationship, feelings, marriage and work. All these things are the main concepts of the film. Hence U Me Aur Hum is a film meant to entertain, it is a portrait of love and the tender moments that affect us. Performance of Ajay Devgan is little bit new compared to his earlier movies and let us hope Kajol may perform well after her previous movie Fanaa. The movie can be seen once! Recommended