News Channels are too much 3

Hi friends, Good evening.

Recently while surfing through the channels a news item caught my attention. I stopped at Zee news hoping that Krazzy-4 movie preview was being shown. But it was the story of how Rakesh Roshan’s new songs were all copied from the English albums….It was being shown as if this is the first time that songs were being copied from some other language. But it started a long time ago…even Bolloywood’s big n famous music directors have done that many times….R.D.Burman, Bappi Lahari, Anu Malik, Jatin Lalit etc and many others have done it. It is not a new phenomenon and to hear the news item as if it was the first time that such thing happened amused me. This sudden attention of the media on Rakesh Roshan intrigued me and left me wondering if it was an act to make him unpopular among the public.

This sudden focus on Rakesh Roshan alone seemed strange to me…especially when there are many other contemporary music directors who are also doing it. I feel there are very few among the Hindi film industry that can compose original music to all the songs. Our Hindi movies have atleast three-to-four songs on average…and being the world’s highest movie maker it is unsurprising that the music seems copied. Creating original music to that many songs is not an ordinary or easy fact…so it’s high time that the news channels stop dramatising such trivial issues….especially at national level….it seems to me like a clear act of increasing viewer-ship….Bye Folks.