Look at the way Indian currency notes are maintained 8

HI friends, today I went to my bank to withdraw some money and the cashier had given me Rs 10/- bundle with a bank seal on it. I took home the bundle and when I opened the seal I found some notes were damaged and some notes were attached with tape. The surprise element is that new and good looking notes were in the starting of the bundle and damaged currency notes were kept in the middle.

Look at the image given below:

The note in the picture was attached with tape in the middle. I was very upset the way bank people ignored their duty. It is my mistake not to check the bundle and bring home blindly but it is duty of the bank to remove such notes from the bundles and hand over to the Reserve Bank of India. But the bank has given away these notes to customers and I have to go back and replace for the new one. The cashier with some murmuring gave me some good currency notes. He says that all ten rupees notes are like that and it is the customers who are bringing such kind of notes.

I asked the cashier, what can I do?? If some people bring such notes u must ask them instead of telling me ur problem to me. Many of the fruit vendors & some rural area people twist the notes and make these notes dirty. Who will teach these people is the question I ask u friends??? Any ideas

So friends, please be careful and I know you all are smarter than me. But I am just giving a caution.

With lots of love
Madhu Vamsi…. 🙂