Jane hoga kya Preview 3

Hi Friends, I recently saw a bollywood movie Jaane Hoga Kya in UTV movies channel. The director of this movie had cleverly mixed up the stories of 2 English hit movies namely, Terminator and Face off. Some of the scenes in this movie have been copied exactly as the 2 English movies I have mentioned earlier. The music of this movie is however very good.

Aftab Shivdasini is the hero of this movie and his character is Siddharth Sardesai. Paresh Rawal played the role of Dr. Krishnan and the 2 heroines are Bipasha Basu & Preeti Jhangianl.

Siddharth is a scientist who is obsessed to make a Human clone. He and his colleague Sanjay try to do the experiment and in the processes Sanjay dies. Siddharth wants to do the human clone experiment again and applies for permission from Indian Medical Research Center with help of his mentor Dr Krishnan. But Inspector Rathod comes in the way and stops him from getting permission. Siddharth then takes decision to clone himself. Suddenly he is wanted for whipping a dance girl and implicated for Krishnan’s murder. He becomes a fugitive unable to prove his innocence. From here the movie becomes interesting and what ensues is the real twist. I don’t want to reveal the suspense.

The story of the movie is good, despite being an old pickle. The director made a good effort to make a science-fiction story. But Aftab’s acting was average, as usual. The two heroines play small part in this movie. I feel that the director has somehow failed to make their role more meaningful or get a real performance out of them. Overall the movie can be rated as average, once-bearable kind.