Dogs without discipline 4

Hi friends, Good evening to all of you.

My neighbor’s dog always disturbs me a lot. When I am sleeping, it shouts continuously and at that time I get a feeling to kill the dog with a gun. But it is not the fault of the dog but it is the owner who should be kicked on his back for its bad behavior. The owner never gives training to the dog and also very lazy person. Same is the case with the whole family in his house. These people sometimes go for 2 days without thinking about the food of the dog.

My neighbor bought a dog and wanted to show all the colony members that he is richer or some bullshit reason. I don’t care what is motive of buying dog but it is his responsible to see that dog don’t disturb others. Many of my friends have dogs in their homes and they give training to those dogs in such way that when the owner shouts to keep quite, the dog stops shouting. My friend when asks to bring the bowl for the dogs dinner, the dog brings the bowl in its mouth and gives it to my friend. I was very happy to see such a well behaved dog. But in many households I found that the owners and family members pamper the dog and this lead the dog not to obey the orders of anyone.

So, I finally say that if anyone is interested to buy a dog then please do buy but please see that dog as member in your family and see that the dog obeys the orders and well behaved one.