Technology or Mankind, who is SLAVE? 5

Technology is advancing as the lightning speed. As v all know that if one new technology has been invented for a particular advantage it brings with it lot more disadvantages.

Robots , mobile , computer and much more such technology is becoming more powerful than dynamite.They r proving to b very much hazardous to human health as well as the behaviour of the person. Also the lifestyle has been totally changed.

Mobile will be given tag as “tumour causing”. The communication through it takes place in GHz which passes from the side of our brains if we talk w/o headphones. The person who has the habit of talking hours with frnds w/o headphones are predicted to b affected by tumour or some cancer in one or two decades.

Robots have been so advanced that we dont understand that are they our slaves or we are their slaves.

What do u think, Technology or Mankind, who is SLAVE?