Strawberry….hmmmmm its yummy 4

Strawberry ka naam lete hi muh me paani aa jaata he.
Now -a -days Mumbai’s market is filled up with Strawberries everywhere whether it is at signals, grocers , fruit sellers or its ur refrigerator.

Red colored berry ,rich in vitamin B & C is also diet friendly fruit so all the moti aunties who r scared of their fatness can also eat and have fun as a cup of Strawberries totals up to only 55 calories.

Eat it directly, or in different form such as Strawberry icecream, Strawberry milkshakes, Strawberry blossoms & jam .

The people of Mahabaleshwar r really to have beauiful Strawberry gardens and eat big Strawberry. The Strawberry rich in color and big ones r exported in foriegn countries (really a injustice).

If u r not lucky enough as me to hav Strawberry gardens dont worry buy it frm market.