Passport will b given early. 4

I remember the hectic day when I went to the passport office for registeration of my passport. Had to stand around 8 hours in queue and when it was my nthe lunch time started and had to wait 1 hour more. After then luckily my documents got verified but I saw a unlucky person there whose one of d document was not verified and had to go with nothing done after standing for this many hours.After 3 months I got my passport

Now this day will go as now new rules has been setup where it is said that within 45 min of steppig in passport office we will come to know when we will recieve it.

We may get that day itself, 3 days later or 15 days of wait depending for which scheme we r applying. But the thing is that the applicant has to present at that day of registeration and agents will not b entertained.

Hope this rule comes soon.