Killers that travels in packs 2

Shocked !!!

Ya I am talking about the “killers that travels in packs” thats “Cigarettes”. It may be not true for u but it is true for the millions of people , every year.

Even the famous Malboro man “Wayne McLaren” died suffering from the lung cancer.

Most tobacco users are poor and uneducated. Gory images of people who have suffered from chewing tobacco or smoking should been shown to them to make them aware about their future. The awareness programmes should be conducted for this purpose. 50% is the estmated figure of the male smokers who will die of smoking related illness.

Not only the people who smokes suffer from this habbit but also the other members such as wife, childrens and friends get affected from it. 30% is the increase in the risk of lung cancer in non-smokers whose partners smoke.

There is 80% increase incases of importance in smokers.
Do something to stop this.
Atleast try to stop ur partner or friends from this.