Its time to break the rules 2

Have u ever stopped to consider what the rules are for ur life? I’m not talking about things like make ur bed, brush ur teeth and b at work by 8am.

Instead I’m referring to the sometimes faulty emotional rules that govern the way we think, feel, live and the choices we make.

Of all the sources of stress in our lives, faulty emotional rules are the one of the most delibilating. These faulty emotional rules are typically ingrained during childhood and becum an unquestioned part of how we live our lives.

Some example of these faulty rules are:
I have to be perfect.
If I’m not, then Imake a fool of myself.
Then I”ll mnever forget myself.

What r some of ur faulty rules for living that get in the way?

Simply ask these q to urself
Inorder to to b good person, what do i have to believe?
If i dont, then what does that make me?
Then what will happen to me?

Here’s one of the rare place where u r not breaking the rules, u will b breaking them for good cause.