Horrrified scenes at railways 3

Accidents in the railways are increasing day by day and railways is losing security day by day. No fast actions are taken if someone mets an accident with the train niether the person is taken to hospital soon , instead the person is blamed for the accident.

It is true that the faults are of people as they cross the tracks carelessly, sit where the pentogram is there but after a accident soon action should b taken to save their life if possible. Railways helps them in missing out one more chance of their life.

I have seen the most horrified scene with my own eyes and even after such accidents the workers take the injured person who is in the state of unconsciousness and lost his foot in the accidnt in the strecther with the cutted foot kept aside of him.

If the person by chance comes in the state of consciousness and see his cutted foot beside him he will die by heart attack. This also the workers dont understand.

There are a lot more horrible scenes which cannot b described.