Home and degree , Beggers have all. 8

Traffic signals, religious places and other Delhi roads crowding with beggers which earns many more than white collar workers. Some of the beggers have college degrees some have thier private vehicle to come to the begging spot.All this have been covered in the recent survey conducted by Delhi university’s social work department.

As the result of unsuitable job, unemployment and lack of good salary many people have chosen to hold the begging bowl. Some of the beggers more than 700Rs a day, that means 21000Rs a month and that to no tax are forced on thier income. This income is more than what a whit collar worker earns.

Many have completed primary school, some have finished school education and some of them have even completed their college degrees. Some have their own cycle and other private vehicle to come to the begging spot.

Some of my frnds r planning to leave engineering and settle to the begging job.