Hayden escapes, cricket in prison 1

As we all know sledging has become the most important topic of issue in the Australia tour more than the defeat or victory.

Hayden calls Bhaji as “OBNOXIOUS WEEDS” on a Brisbrane radio show.After giving promises to Board of control for cricket in India(BCCI) that they will take up d matter strongly , let off the Hayden with a reprimand and no fine was forced.

Why there is always a unjust being done with Asians whether they r Indians, Srilankans, Pakistanis , etc. ?

When Asians do something what others do they get 2-3 matches bann or they get fine in their fees but nothing is done to others . ICC has always done partiality in favour of the non-asians. Will this continue and nothing can b done?