color of money 12

Money is all we need . Nothing matters in front of money. In this world we can buy almost everything with the help of money. Ask anyone for what u r running for he will answer money. Why there is so much craze for money? Why it has became the prime concern?

Money has been said to change people’s motivation (mainly for d better) & their behavior towards others (mainly for d worse).It is responsible for putting more physical distance between themselves and a new acquaintance. This is what that happens when money shows its color.

Many people kills other for money. Many harras others for money. Brothers gets seperated for money. The one that breaks te relation among the members of family is money.Many leave their ambitions and dreams for getting money.
Many peoples main ambitions and dream is money. All u need to have the position in this world is money. This is what is the colors of money.

What more to talk about money. It is endless topic to talk about.
What is ur prime importance ………….money?????????????