Background of Neela Nageshwar Vittal 1

The student of IIM – A , Neela Nageshwar Vittal has been offered a record break offer of 1.44Cr. He was among the 11 students who opted out of placements.The decision which surprised everybody that he rejected this lucrative offer.

The boy comes from wadala and has spent 15 yrs in slum. His father was a driver at Lijat papad in mumbai. After sometime he became the contract manager in wadala. The boy has one sister which has completed the comp. engg with him from MU.

He wants to start a medicinal plant’s processing unit Though he has no background in this field but he has a great eye to build up this project to extract plants produced in huge quantities in our INdia.

Lets wait n watch to see how he turns the risk he has taken to great success.