Youth in India forgetting culture & tradition 8

Indian as whole world knows has a very rich culture & tradition & we Indians must be really very proud to have it. But unfortunately the youth of today is forgetting our own rich culture & tradition & getting inspired by foriegn culture (mostly american) & adopting american culture.

Also to be vlamed are the parents of the children who are very busy in their work & tend to forget to teach their children to carry forward our culture & tradition. Teaching our children about cultures of different countries is fine & good they get to know culture of other countries. But at the same time they must only have a knowledge about other cultures but must always follow our own culture. India is valued in the world because of it’s culture & tradition. If we do not teach our children to value them, then our country will loose it’s value in the world.

Come one every one, wake up, let’s respect other cultures but follow our own culture & tradition which are rich & we should be proud to follow it.