Writing: A forgotten tale! 4

Ever since the computer revolution has hit the homes & offices, people ahve literally stopped using pens & books for writing. Writing was considered the beautiful art before revolution of Personal Computers. Now everyone one wants to just type in computer & take printouts. There are very few people who have kept the writing habbit alive. I am proud to tell, I am one of them.

In my spare time at home, I dedicate some of that spare time for writing. I am maintaining blank notes books where I keep writing whatever I feel like & I write atleast for 30 minutes a day. I write about my feelings, thoughts, instances of the day, tasks I accomplish at office, people I meet, things we talk etc. If you start writing you can write a lot & there are many things you can write about. Above are few of the examples of keep the writing habbit alive. I really feel good when I write & it works much liek a stress buster to me. Whenever I feel low, sad or frustrated, I just take a pen & book & start writing.

I am not sure how well it works but I somehow feel it can be a good habbit & a stress buster too.,