World must stant united to fight terrorism 3

Terrorism as we all know is spreading wide across the globe & all countries in the world must stand united. If Army, Navy & Air Force of all the countries join hands, then it is really possible to completely destroy all the terrirsts & thus the terrorsim. If the countries have fight between themselves then it’s quiet obvious the terrorists take advantage of it & spread terrorism & make their base strong & invisible to the eye of the governments of all countries.

In order to join hands we must first destroy the hatred in the minds of everyone in the world. We must respect all the countries & shake our hands for frinedship. There should not be enemity between any countries at all. Only then it is possible to destroy terrorism. I know what i am talking of is something which is hard to imagine it could happen. But if everyone in the world & mainly the leaders of all countries understand this simple logic, then it is not difficult to erradicate terrorism.