When I cook on sundays 3

I have decied to give break to my mom & wife from cooking. What I did last sunday was took a recipe book & cooked myself. I prepared Vegetable biryani, mix vegetable manhurian & sweet corn vegetable soup. I just looked at the recipe, went to the market & got all the ingredients & cooked it. My brother & dad helped me too in cutting the vegetables & getting me the ingredients while I was cooking. It was a real fun. The best part was the food I prepared came out really well & tasty. It was indeed an awesome experience when I saw the smiles on my Mom & Wife’s face. It is good to make them feel we care & it can be a good change for them. We men cannot cook everyday but on weekends we can take the oppurtunity of relieving women from cooking. After all they need some change too. From that experience I realized cooking is fun & I have decided I will cook atleast once every weekend.