Hiding of shoes by sister in laws . Bride & groom searching ring in vessel after marriage are very common customs & most of the Indian communities perform these customs during the weddings .However there are some customs with which we are less familiar because these customs are caste or community specific .

In SINDHI marriages there is a custom called WANWAS in which the bride groom’s clothes are torn by his relatives a day before his marriage. This custom is also performed in Bride’s house.It is believed that by tearing the clothes & throwing them into sea or river will help the bride & groom to get rid of evil eye.

Among MANIPURI”S there is a custom in which one senior lady from the groom’s side & one senior lady from bride’s side releases a TAKI FISH in the river or lake & see that both the fishes move together.If the fishes get separated it means the couple will not going to maintain the relation for a very long time.

Among the SANTHAL TRIBE OF MADHYAPRADESH the bride sits in a huge basket & a senior male from her family keeps that basket on his head & goes in the mandap than the groom climb’s on his brother-in-law’s shoulder’s & puts sindhoor on the bride’s forehead.

In Brahmins & Agarwals there is custom of singing GAALIS . The brides relatives sing Gaalis. In Gaalis the relatives of bride tease the relatives of Grooms & the interesting part is that the Grooms relatives force the brides relatives to sing ” Gaalis ” & for that they give money .One of the popular Gaali which is sang in North India is as follows,

” Samdhee kuttae aayae……aayae yahan par……gattur ka paani pila …….pila meri guyiaan , guttar ka pani pila “.

” Samdhee ke mooch …..jaise kuttae ki pooch …….guttar ka pani pila……pila meri guyiaan , guttar ka pani pila “.

There are many more customs performed during marriages in India which are very uncommon & if our Bollywood Directors & Producers do some research work on the customs in marriage definitely we will be able to see more Indian customs in movies .