Taare Zameen Par – to oscars? 2

I saw Taare Zameen Par & I truly feel it has to go to the oscars. Lagaan probably had reasons for not getting an oscar since the message of the movie was not for whole world. But Taare Zameen Par truly has a message for the whole world & has highlighted a very sensitive issue of child psychology & how to deal with it. The story line of the movie does not only give message to parents in India but also parents across the world who some times tend to not show importance to their children or do not know how to deal with their problem. It is a beautiful heart touching movie of the millennium, I must say. And Aamir Khan has proven he can be the best director with his super duper hit with his very first movie as a director. This movie certainly deserves not only a nomination at oscars but oscar award itself!!! I am sure every one who reads this blog & have watched the movie will agree.