Sweat; it’s good for your health 3

Sweating is often considered good for human health. More you sweat, more calories are burnt that can keep you in shape & hence fit & healthy. You need not necessarily go for gym or excercise hours together. You can sweat out even by doing home works like gardening, washing your bikes or cars, cleaning your house, reducing use of vehicles to travel small distance near to your house. Do not use vehicles when you go out for a shop near your house. Walk as much as possible in your spare time.

Avoid having servants for those simple works which you can do it yourself. Do not give your clothes to laundry. Whenever you have time, wash your clothes by yourselves & iron them yourselves, you may sweat a little but will loose good amount of calories.

When you are at home & feeling hot, do not switch on the AC or fan. Remember sauna bath where people go to gyms & fitness centers & sit in a room with full steam, paying lot of money for using the facility? You don’t really have to spend so much. Since India is compartively a hot country, you can sweat at home during noons without fans or ACs’s.