Settlke down fast 2

In todays scenario it is best to get married soon & have kids soon. Gone are the days when man used to survive for hunder years of age. No man in todays world can stay so long, with many diseases, ailments & life style, it is not practically possible to stay alive so long. So it is better to get married & have kids soon after you get into a job so you can see your children grow & settle down when you are still alive.

Life in this generation is accompanied with lot of work pressures, tensions, risks, accidents, diseases, etc which makes life shorter & it is a smart thing to decide to have get married & settle down. In my opinion, the age for retirement also should be reduced to 45 or max 50 years than 60 years. Most of them die in age before 60 years, so there is hardly an oppurtunity to enjoy life.