Road side shopping 3

When you go out for shopping a common scene that strikes your eyes are the road side vendors selling their products. The products include everything from clothes & apparels, footware to hats, Perfumes to Cosmetics & even electronic items including music CDs, DVDs & vidoe CDs.

But what one must keep in mind is what to buy & what not to buy. It is safe to buy clothes, apparels, footware, hats ect. But never ever buy electronic goods which will not have guarrantee & there are high risk of short cuts due to low quality wiring & connectors, do not buy perfumes & cosmetics which can cause damage to your skin as they would not be of tested brands & do not buy CDs & DVDs, you are encouraging piracy if you buy them.

Clothes are really good to buy because it is damn cheap & comes almost the same design & style as the branded ones. They are not durable but who wants to wear same clothes for ages. Road side ones are good & you can easily use for 3 to 4 months.