Risk of publishing personal details 5

There are many cases where the perosnal photographs of people published in internet have been misused. Community sites like: orkut.com, bigadda.com, ibibo.com etc have people in large number who have registered as memebers & these sites provide option to publish your personal & favourite photos to allow your friends to view them online. But in the same community sites there are some defaulters who steal personal information like email ID, addres, phone numbers, photographs etc & misuse them for various purposes. There are also many cases where photos of girls & women have been taken from these sites & have been morphed & republihed in adult websites. There were couple of such issues brought to notice in local newspapers in Bangalore.

So, please avoid publishing your photos in community sites & other websites & do so only if you have option to protect & block it from public viewing & which can have option of entering password or to limit particular members to see it.