Respect & follow traffic rules 4

Traffic rules & regulations are not made just for the sake of having rules, but they are for our own safety. If we don’t follow the traffic rules strictly, then how will it help us in our safety.
It is kind of chain reaction. If you break a traffic rule, out of 10 people near you atleast 3 to 4 will break the rule following you & seeing at those 4, another 4 of 10 will break the rules & it goes on.
So it is important we become inspiration for others to follow the rules & if possible guide the ones who are trying the break the rules & explain them the rules are made for our safety. Only then it is possible to decrease the number of road accidents.
I have started following the traffic rules striclty & whenever I see someone breaking them I just advise them not to. I am proud that I am contributing as much as I can in making the roads safer. So, when are you going to start?