Radio; A better entertainer than a TV! 5

Ever thought a radio can be a better entertainer than a television? Ever thought how it is better than a television?

Radio is better than TV for a simple fact that, you do not have to sit in front of it to get entertainment from it, unlike a television which requires one to sit in front of it to watch it & get entertained by it. It is also a kind of waste of time, infact a lot of time gets wasted.

You need your eyes to perform almost all the work except eating & drinking, hence you cannot do all those works simultaneously while watching TV. But you can do any kind of work like cooking, reading, writing, cleaning, at office etc by simultaneously listening to radio or even a music system for that matter. But however since there are many channels in radio now in India, one does not require to buy music to listen on a cd or a cassette player.

So, radio anyday is a good & ideal entertainer. I hope who ever reads this would agree.

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