Never stop loving your parents 3

We must never stop loving & caring our parents. They love us so much & would have made thousands of sacrifices in life in raising us, giving us education, fulfilling our needs to keep us happy, caring for our health, working hard for keeping us happy etc.

We must always remember that, if today we are in a good position in society & are self capable of leading our lives, it is becuase our parents who have taken care of us all these years till we settle down in life. They have taken care of their responsibilities very very well. But what we must never forget is our responsibilities of taking care of them when we start earning. We must make sure to keep them happy always for they did the same to us till started earning.

If you care for your parents & love them, their blessing will always make you successful & protect you in all ways. I am the one who believe my parents are my first god. I mean, they are the only god who is visible & whom we can see right?