My Samsung C-230 2

I had purchased Samsung C-230 mobile phone 3 and a half years back. I am still using it. It is the best handset I have used ever. I have used it very very much & still am using extensively. But the battery back up is still the same as it was when I brought it new. I am still gettign 2 days of standby batter backup & utpo 5 hours of talk time. It has fell down from my hands & pocket many a times but still the phone is in very much good working condition, excpet for some scratches on the surface.

The network coverage of this handset is awesome & better than any other handset I have used. It had even fell in a water tank. I immediately took off the battery & let it dry for a day. The next it started working fine & even today I do not have any problem with this handset. It is a stearo FM phone the FM signals that this phone catches is very strong & very very crystal clear. I am not sure if other samsung handsets are also good. But this one is awesome.