My Dream 6

My dream is to see India as the worlds most advanced, beautiful & top most country. Ultimately I guess it will remain only as a dream & it is way beyond imagination for this dream to come true.

It is technically very much possible, but looking at political situations here in India, it is hard for something like that to happen.

There are many things which needs to be erradicated in order to make India a better place. First thing I feel is corruption which is one of the biggest issue in India & is present in almost all the fields & especially in the Government sectors. This is all because of corrupt politicians, police officers & government employees. Such people must be terminated off the system in order to kill corruption.

Other things that affect are: Poverty which can be erradicated with employment oppurtunities, Unity which can be solved by understanding & respecting of all religions, Underworld which can be completely eliminated by strict & proper actions by Crime Deptartment.

There many to add to the list but if the above are solved, many other things can be solved by itself as the time goes.