Love at young age 4

Now a days, young children are getting into serious relationships like love. Earlier it used to be more with college students that a girl & a boy used to get into love relation. But now even school children are getting into such relations. It not only affects their academics but also affects the society to a greater extent. I cannot really say what exactly is the reason but I can guess it is because of foreign culture & tradition that indians are following. Many of us tend to adopt american culture without even thinking how it can affect our own children. Parents must take care of children & must ensure they concentrate on studies only till the completion of graduation. Teenagers have a craze towards love but they don’t really understand the responsibility behind it. It is really a very young age for anyone to understand the most difficult relationship which is love towartds opposite sex.

Many youngsters get into even sexual relationships with a wrong perception of love. We must take some steps to avoid youngsters from getting spoiled in this regard.