Kashmir Crisis 5

It has become many decades now since the Kashmir crisis has started. Many lives have gone, many homes have gone, many children have become orphans, many women have become widows, many people have lost shelter, many are still dying. All for what? Fight for kashmir. Ands this fight is started by Pakistan & they should be held responsible for all the terrors behind this crisis. Kashmir which was never belonged to Pakistan & was always part of India. Then why should anyone fight for so long which is not their’s. I agree Pakistan government has got nothing to do with this crisis but there are many people form Pakistan who still join the rebel to fight for something which is not their’s. Lives have gone & losses are on both the sides & India & Pakistan which are close neighbors, instead of become good friends & brothers are today biggets rivals in the whole world.

Why is UN not taking any strict actions to end this crisis & let people on both countries live happily & peacefully. Nothing is ours or theirs but everything is god made & when will we start thinking that we should not live for our country but for humanity.