Is Sania Mirza loosing her real fame 2

Sania Mirza became famous very fast in the field of tennis. She indeed made India proud many a times now & never any woman in India had made such a fame in the field of sports & games. But also, Sania Mirza is now appearing in more & more commercial ads & concentrating more on glamour side.

She is still famous but by enetring glamour side of fame, I feel she is loosing her original fame which is associated with Tennis. She still has oppurtunity & capability to prove she is a good tennis player. She can win many tournaments if she outs her hard work & efforts in game & noithing else. She has to realize that more & more efforts & time she puts in practicing the game, more are the chances of her victory.

She is a real good player & many have appreciated her but she has to forget about other things & concentrate only on game to continue remaining famous & make India proud.