How to make upma 1

Take 2 glasses of rava, approx. 250 gms & fry it in a vessel by adding 2 tea spoons of ghee. Afetr it becomes little brownish, take it from the pan & keep it spereately. Now add 4 tea spoons of oil in a vessel & add jeera, ginger paste, turmeric powder (a pinch), little moong dal & add finely chooped onions to it (2 onions are enough) now fry it till the onions become light brown. Now add 3 & half glasses of water to it & add chopped chilly & salt to taste. Once it comes to boliing, add the rava to it & stir well till it becomes little thick. Now sprinkle finely chopped corriander & srpinkle lime juice on it. It is ready to eat now. Serve it hot with some chips or pickle.