Holi 1

On saturday my experience on ocassion of Holi, was truly awesome. We were invited by one of my wife’s sister’s neighbour who are Punjabi’s. I, My Wife, her elder sister & her 2 daughters had been to their house to play holi.

It was raining heavily & we reached their house & we saw a huge crowed in their place already colored wit Holi. As we entered, everyone their started throwing colors & color water on us & within a fraction of minute we were all colorful. It was a realy fun we had with so many colors & so many people dancing & singing & jumping in joy. All elders, kids & women were enjoying the festival like anything. We joined them in dance & singing too. They had even prepared Bhaang which is traditional drink. My wife & her sister did not have it but I did. I was just not myself after drinking it. I just had 3 glasses & forgot what I did when I was drunk. But whatever, it was a good fun we had this Holi.